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At last a site is being created specifically for the music of Layne Russell. Music has been but a mention on Layne's writing and poetry site at whiteowlweb.com, and it has long been in the vision to have a site focusing on the music. The time has come.

Thank you for continuing to check in as we make a place here for Layne's songwriting and singing.

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Layne Russell

Songwriter / Singer & Guitarist

Layne Russell has been writing songs, singing, and playing guitar for decades. The daughter of a jazz pianist and songwriter, music has always been a vital part of her life. She bought her first guitar for $35 when she was seventeen and in her first year of college. During her college years, the late 60's exploded with the peace movement and the cultural revolution. Though she already had quite a personal musical history, this was when she began to focus on songwriting.

Layne's music blog is being launched too. Here you will find Layne's postings regarding her music and songwriting, the process of making of her guitar, reflections on creativity, and musical retrospectives. Videos and sound files of Layne's music will be available soon.

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